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Review | Movie | Millennium Actress

An old movie studio is being torn down, and Genya Tachibana
finds the studio's most popular actress, Chiyoko Fujiwara, and arranges to interview her.
In the interview, details of Chiyoko's life and journeys as
an actress begin to
unravel, along with the story of a mysterious key that
belonged to a wounded
painter she offered shelter to as a teenager, which
was her motive to becoming an actress in order to find him and
return the key.

I believe I saw the trailer for Millennium Actress in the special features of a Miyazaki movie, and the art of this movie was quite beautiful to me, and I looked into seeing it. Being an actor myself, simply the title was enough to draw my attention. I did my research and looked at several plots for the movie, which definitely didn't capture me as much as the trailer did, because the plots seemed to make the movie sound quite stale, and I almost decided not to see it. I am extremely glad I reconsidered and rented the movie.

Millennium Actress is an amazing movie, the story is original and the art by itself can keep your attention. Details of Chiyoko's life are played out in the form of movies she made in her youth, and though you cannot distinguish reality from fiction right away, you begin to get accustomed to the feel of the movie as Chiyoko narrates her journeys as Japan's most treasured actress. Susumu Hirasawa's music creates a serene experience for viewers and binds you to the scenes in such a way that you are effortlessly connected to them and the stories they portray.

There is profanity in the movie but very little. I would say this movie would be fine to show a child, but I don't think it would hold a child's interest at all. Though the content of the movie is not objectionable, it is aimed at a much older audience simply because of the film's mature nature. Anyone who is looking for a creative and authentic anime movie experience will thoroughly enjoy this stunning Satoshii Kon production.

Overall Rating:
/ 5


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