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Review | Anime | InuYasha

INUYASHA : Kagome Higurashi's family owns an ancient shrine that dates back thousands of years, and as much as her grandfather boasts its history, she never pays it any mind. One day, while going to retrieve her cat in an old shed, she falls down a dried up well, and wakes up in feudal Japan. While still trying to recollect herself, she stumbles across a strange boy pinned to a tree by an arrow. When Kagome is attacked by a demon monster that bites a mysterious "Sacred Jewel" from out of her body, the boy awakens and tells Kagome to pull the arrow from his chest. The boy, a half-demon named InuYasha, quickly kills the demon, but now he wants this "Sacred Jewel" for himself. No sooner is the Jewel removed from Kagome does another demon steal it, and in an attempt to get the Jewel back, she shoots the creature with an arrow and accidentally shatters the Jewel into shards. Now Kagome and InuYasha must join forces to find every shard of the Jewel before other demons find them and use them to become all-powerful. But can the stubborn duo set aside their differences long enough?

After the response our dog demon friend InuYasha has gotten, who wouldn't want to check it out? I watched the first episode on YouTube to try it out, and upon becoming very interested in the story, to Netflix I did go.

I was finally able to catch up with this series, which had already ended (abruptly) before I began the series. Eventually I did find out that the episodes ceased production on a cliffhanger. I attended a guest panel with one of the producers of InuYasha at an anime cosplay convention. When asked if they would ever continue the series, they were left with merely a "maybe" (which, for producers, is just a polite version of "no".) So alas we may never find out if the Jewel Shards are all collected, and Naraku may never come out of hiding.

I had been hearing so much about InuYasha it was mind-boggling. It took me a while before I decided to give it a try. I really like this show a great deal, even though some of the drawing could use improvement. Different villagers Kagome and InuYasha encounter along the way are just bizzare-looking, like the animators wanted to hurry up and get them over with.

On occasion the episodes can be a little slow and stretched too far, but other than that I'm happy with them. I don't think I'd show this to a child right away, as there is profanity and frequent violence, and a few perverted moments, courtesy of a character that appears later in the show. There are also monsters in the show's episodes that are really not that scary, but a child might find them a little scary. Again, there is a lot of blood involved in this show, but not so much that you would get queazy, it doesn't look much like real blood.

This would be a good show to watch if you're trying to catch up on the popular animes. Just don't get too close to Miroku! You've been warned.

Overall Rating:
/ 5


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