Monday, June 9, 2008

Preview | Anime | Monochrome Factor

Akira Nikaido is a laid-back high school student, always skipping
class and living an overall normal life. One day walking home from school he
encounters a mysterious man named Shirogane, who insists that their fates and
entwined. Akira ignores these claims and returns home. When a classmate asks
Akira and his friend Kengo to come with her to school that night to retrieve an
item she left, they are attacked by a strange monster. Shirogane appears and
intervenes, telling Akira that he must become a "shin" in order to battle the
creatures that have escaped from the Shadow World.

This is ones of the animes I watched while visiting an anime cosplay convention in May, and along with Vampire Knight, I discovered Monochrome Factor. Though the manga has been out for sometime, they began releasing anime episodes in Japan in April. So far only 6 episodes are available, out of the 13 they expect to air. I'm interested in where this show is going, even though it occasionally hints yaoi which I'm not a big fan of. Fans of the manga are used to the "old" Shirogane, who apparently isn't as touchy-feely as the new Shirogane we become used to in the anime. I have great expectations for this anime, and I'll be glad to review once the series blossoms.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Preview | Anime | Vampire Knight


The prestigious Cross Academy offers a special Night Class to certain students
of the academy. The Night Class is unique because it is inhabited entirely by
vampires. To keep peace and reasonable distance between the vampires and
humans, prefects Yuuki and her best friend Zero are hired, and work to
ensure that Day Class students never discover the Night Class students are
vampires, and most importantly, that the vampires don't lose control of their
urges to feed on human blood.

I went to an anime cosplay convention a few weeks ago and the Con showed the first 3 episodes of Vampire Knight. I thought it was very interesting so far, so once I returned home I decided to look into and discovered the anime is fairly new, and only recently began producing episodes based on the already released manga. As of now, there isn't even a 10th episode, the 9th episode was released a few days ago. 26 episodes were produced in total and are still airing in Japan. I'm very pleased with where this anime is going. I can't wait to see more, then I'll be sure to return here and give you a great review.