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AZUMANGA DAIOH : AzuManga Daioh is a simple story of the
lives of a group of high-school girls as they spend their summers, holidays and school days together. Chiyo, the 10-year-old child prodigy; Tomo, the immature ball of energy; Yomi, the most mature member of the group; Sakaki, the shy and quiet girl with a secret adoration for cute animals; Kagura, the athletic girl who loves to compete with Sakaki; and Osaka, the transfer student one sandwich short of a picnic. Together, sometimes with their two insane teachers Minamo and Yukari, they'll share their ups and downs as they survive school life until they can finally unite in the summertime.

I came across AzuManga Daioh in a bookstore where I saw a picture of one of their frequent cat characters which fans refer to as "Kamineko". The animators draw the cutest animals and I had to look itno the show. Judging from the plot summaries you get, you wouldn't think AzuManga Daioh would have very much to offer, might even be a little boring, but I'm extremely impressed with this show.

Despite claiming to be a Seinen anime (Seinen targets 18-20 year old males) this show is incredibly shojo, I really don't know that any male would have any interest in it. The only male character worth noting is Mr. Kimura, who also might be a warning for parents that are looking into this show for their children. Mr. Kimura is the Classical Japanese teacher at the school, who admits without shame that the only reason he became a teacher is for the high school girls. He's obviously got a few screws loose, as one can tell by observing his mouth almost always hanging open, and through the series he is usually seen around the female students observing them as they're swimming or being measured by the school nurse. His behavior is noticed by the girls and they find this extremely uncomforting, and usually react by running away. He's even mentioned in front of them that "he wishes he could watch them change [clothes]."

Other than Mr. Kimura and Yukari's occasional profanity whenever she's in pinches, this might be okay to show a child, but a parent should be standing by just in case they think they should skip through the parts I've mentioned.

This is one of the only animes I've seen that is down-to-earth, much different from most animes that are based around fantasy in some way. So if you're just getting started with anime and you don't want anything too unreal, this may be a good one to start out with.

Overall Rating:
/ 5


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