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Review | Anime | Naruto

NARUTO : Years ago in the village of Konoha, a nine-tailed demon fox terrorized the village and killed hundreds of ninjas, until the leader of the village sealed the demon away in the body of a newborn child that had been orphaned. Now, twelve-year-old Naruto has been mistreated all his life by his fellow villagers for something he was completely unaware of until the day a rogue ninja attacked him. Naruto's dream is to become the Hokage of Konoha so the villagers will look up to him rather than disrespect him. With his friends Sakura and Sasuke, Naruto will learn to be the best ninja he can be, while fighting other rogue ninjas that intend to destroy his village.

Naruto hasn't struck souls quite like Pokemon did when it was first introduced, but people are definitely responding to Naruto in a big way. I was hearing so much about it nonstop all over the Internet, I hated it already. Only when it came on TV one day did I really decide to sit down and take it in, and I must say I'm impressed.

The characters are very easy to identify since they are each given unique physical traits. However it's not very easy to attempt to warm up to every single character in the show, since new characters are constantly added.

According to my sister, who has gotten a little too into the series since I suggested she watch it (me and my big mouth), the original Japanese version has pretty much no limits to the kind of language they use, but the American dub of course is a lot cleaner since they're aiming it at a young audience. From the mangas of Naruto I've read, the language is almost as bad as the original undubbed anime. Any parent that is deciding whether or not to introduce Naruto (either the anime or the manga) to their child may like to be warned of prankster Naruto's biggest gags towards males that he addresses as his "Sexy Jutsu", in which Naruto shape shifts into a nude woman barely covered by puffs of smoke. The anime version of this technique is a lot more modest than the manga's version where the anatomy is a lot more detailed and the puffs of smoke are a lot less thick. Another warning for parents is Jiraiya, who appears much later in the series. Jiraiya, a middle-aged male ninja, writes a popular string of of books that are implied loosely to be pornographic (an adult main character in the show is seen frequently reading a volume though the contents of the books are never shown.) Jiraiya is also a shameless womanizer that attempts on a regular basis to peek at naked or barely-clothed women for what he calls "research" for his books. There is also a large amount of violence for parent that would prefer their child not watch violent shows.

My biggest complaint against the series is that it is mind-numbingly slow. The writers will dedicate 2-3 episodes on one certain subject that they attempt to stretch way too far by making the characters monologue more than necessary, and eventually any suspense that might have been there dwindles almost as quickly as the viewer's interest. The monologues are extremely dull and useless to the show, the characters pretty much include everything in their monologues except cooking recipes. If you suspect that stretching will occur in any of the episodes, I would say it's safe to skip the next episode.

Despite the slowness in the series, I highly recommend the show to teenage audiences and older, but a parent may want to investigate further on the show first before letting a younger child watch it.

Overall Rating:
/ 5


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