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DEATH NOTE THE MOVIE/DEATH NOTE THE MOVIE: THE LAST NAME : The live-action version of the anime/manga series. Light Yagami, a successful high school , finds a mysterious notebook on the ground entitled "Death Note". Curious, he takes the notebook home and reads it. The book's instructions state that anyone whose name is written in the book will die within 40 seconds of a heart attack, or if the owner wishes a different death upon the victim, the details of the death must be wirtten within 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Light tests the Death Note by writing the name of a gangster who boasts his name right before attacking a woman. The gangster dies soon after. Realizing the book's power, Light concludes to use the Death Note to rid the world of evil by killing every criminal he can. The police begin to string the series of heart attacks together and soon find that a detective known as "L", who has completed every single investigation he's ever taken, is soon on the case. Light, nicknamed "Kira" by the public, is soon L's suspect, and Light is determined to finish L before L finishes him.

Usually live-action films annoy me because all I keep thinking about is, "That doesn't look like them!" or "That never happened!" It's a filthy habit of mine. But I liked these films a lot. It was a little odd to have English songs for the first film though, such as "Dani California" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. They could have easily found an equally good Japanese song which wouldn't have made it perplexing. (personally, i find most japanese music better than any english song.)

These movies stay true to the anime and manga, but there are also some parts that serve themselves rather than what happens in the others. I'm happy with the actors they got for the roles, they serve the movies quite well.

I'm definitely happy with these, I'd probably watch them again and I might buy the movies if they're around. I'd recommend it to any Death Note fan that hasn't gotten to see them yet. they've still got Death Note films coming out and I'll definitely be one of the ones seeing them.

What I like about these films is that even though they stay true to the anime and manga, they still put their own twists on things and mix it around a bit so it'll be a new experience to those familiar with the anime. This includes a gender change for Misa's shinigami Rem, who is implied to be female in the series but is male in the films. Their talented ensemle has no problem conveying the same suspense and interest that held fans of the series.

Overall Rating:
/ 5

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