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Review | Anime | Love Hina

LOVE HINA : As a little child, Keitaro Urashima makes a promise with a
little girl that the two will get into Tokyo University when they grow up and
they can be together. When the girl moves away, they renew that promise before
she leaves, and Keitaro remembers the promise all the way into his college
years, even though he does not remember the little girl's name or even what she
looks like. Keitaro moves into his Grandma Hina's Hinata Inn while she is away
to study to enter Tokyo University. However, he is unaware that Hinata has been
turned into a girls' dormitory. His aunt eventually saves him from being
clobbered by the female occupants for being in their dormitory, and much to
their dismay, Keitaro is made the manager of Hinata in order to have a place to
stay and to keep Hinata from shutting down. Keitaro must now convince the
occupants that he is a reliable person and earn their trust.

If I had to describe Love Hina in the fewest words, I would pretty much say Tenchi Muyo in reverse. A boy in a house full of girls that despise him rather than love him, and the boy tries to get along with them only to be pummeled in his attempts. Though this show isn't necessarily inappropriate for kids I wouldn't say you should let a kid watch it by themselves. Poor Keitaro can't win for losing as the girls' trust in him is consistently reset by the fact that he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. His body reacts quicker than his brain does, and for that reason, he's barging into the girls' hot spring to share good news with fellow Tokyo U. hopeful Naru. Only after seeing the toweled female occupants and being literally kicked out of the building does he realize that he's made quite a mistake.

There is some profanity involved in the show, and some accidental groping coming from dim light bulb Keitaro when trying to apologize for a faulty action or to trying to lend a helping hand in some way. Nothing over-the-top ever happens in the show, however, even though Keitaro himself states that his fantasies about girls blur his mind. We see these fantasies occasionally but there are no inappropriate fantasies, simply visions of receiving simple praise from a girl or committing an act that makes him attractive towards girls in the daydreams.

I'm pleased with the outcome of this show very much. It's not an anime based around fantasy or sci-fi, it's down-to-earth, save on the signature anime expressions and the unrealistic beatings Keitaro receives from a female he literally rubs the wrong way. A good one for fans of romantic comedy.

Overall Rating:
/ 5


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