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Review | Anime | Ouran High School Host Club

OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB : The ultra-prestigious Ouran High School's popular Host Club is a group of boys who make profit through the charming and casual entertainment of girls who attend the school. When Haruhi Fujioka accidentally breaks an expensive auction piece owned by the Host Club, the Club president makes Haruhi join the Club and become a server to pay off her debt. Because of Haruhi's short hair and boyish clothing, they mistake her for a boy, and therefore finally make her a host after acknowledging her skills. When the other Club members finally do find out her secret, they allow her to remain a host under the condition that she never reveals her true gender to the girls they cater to.

Despite the main cast being mostly boys, this is very much a shojo anime. It's very dizty and glittery, and the cast's males are very clean and pretty and not very masculine at all. People who can get put off easily by things that are a little too perfect and prim may not enjoy this anime right away. My favorite part of the episodes are probably the different crazy faces the characters frequently put on. Any person that's familiar with the art of anime is aware that animes usually always include their characters making strangely unnatural facial expressions and bodily movements, and has come to expect it from any anime they look into. Ouran Host Club's characters are seen to make such expressions usually in response to something Haruhi does, or to something that they find "common" or generally repulsive to their status in society, since Ouran High School is where the children of very rich families are sent, while Haruhi comes from a lower middle-class family accepted through scholarship.

I would really say that this isn't a show for young kids to watch. There are some implications throughout the show of homosexuality, usually coming from the Host Club, however, so far nothing confirming this has happened, besides the members occasionally behaving flirtatiously towards each other. Twin brothers Hikaru and Kaoru may also be something to watch out for. The members of the Club each have their own charm tactics to add variety to their selection of hosts for customers to choose from. Those who request Hikaru and Kaoru as hosts are most likely doing it to be wooed by the twins' "Brotherly Love" manipulation, in which Hikaru and Kaoru react with each other in an incestuous manner though nothing extreme ever happens. The customers seem to find this tactic adorable. As a gesture to make the Club's president jealous, the twins also flirt with Haruhi on a daily basis.

I can't remember where exactly I found out about Ouran Host Club, but if the issues I've discussed above are things you're against, this would probably be a show to avoid, because some of the subjects listed are a huge involvement in the series. But if you enjoy anime's signature physical expressions, this may be one to check out.

Overall Rating:
/ 5


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