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Review | Anime | Death Note

DEATH NOTE : Light Yagami, a successful high school , finds a
mysterious notebook on the ground entitled "Death Note". Curious, he takes the
notebook home and reads it. The book's instructions state that anyone whose name
is written in the book will die within 40 seconds of a heart attack, or if the
owner wishes a different death upon the victim, the details of the death must be
wirtten within 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Light tests the Death Note by writing
the name of a gangster who boasts his name right before attacking a woman. The
gangster dies soon after. Realizing the book's power, Light concludes to use the
Death Note to rid the world of evil by killing every criminal he can. The police
begin to string the series of heart attacks together and soon find that a
detective known as "L", who has completed every single investigation he's ever
taken, is soon on the case. Light, nicknamed "Kira" by the public, is soon L's
suspect, and Light is determined to finish L before L finishes him.

So I started watching this about a week ago, and so far I think it's a pretty good anime. I'm gonna check out the manga soon to see how it is, and I watched the movie which I liked a lot. Ryuk makes me laugh.

Pretty soon the show's theme song really grew on me, but they changed songs when they got to episode 20, and the language in the lyrics are rather dirty, more than I would have imagined. I would not consider Death Note a children's anime, but I wouldn't really consider it the sort that would use the F-word in its theme song, either.

So anyway, it's a pretty good anime, I'd probably buy its products depending on what it was. I might buy a binder or a notebook (no joke intended) if it was in the area, but I wouldn't really be on the internet scavenging for any Death Note I could possibly purchase.

At times it can be slow, but when it's slow, most of the time it needs to be so it can give out important information, so it's not slow for no reason.

Kira's a slick one, but he's got some pretty stiff competition with L on his heels. I'd like to see where their chase goes from here. Perhaps maybe we'll even get an explanation for L's fixation on sweets, which he's always seen consuming. I don't recall him once eating something healthy.

I hope we see Ryuk again.

Overall Rating:
/ 5

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