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Welcome to the Anime Otaku Reviews!

Are you an anime fan? Looking to become one? Our goal is to give you honest reviews and ratings that will help encourage you to see what we believe is the best anime out there. And for each anime we consider a great watch, we provide multimedia sections full of downloads for your personal use! We also encourage you to leave any comments you see fit, and especially alert us if you find any broken links on our site. We are committed to a quality experience for you!
On occasion we will provide manga reviews and reviews for Anime-based movies and spin-off series.

You'll find ratings on all of our reviews, from 1 to 5:

= Horrible and definitely not recommended.

= Unsatisfactory and overall not recommended.

= Pretty good and recommended.

= Very good and definitely recommended.

= Incredible and very highly recommended.

We'll always give you honest comments and ratings and never hold back what we think you need to know. Thank you for stopping by and please come again!

Q: How many episodes of an anime does the Reviewer watch before reviewing the anime?

A: That depends. The Reviewer watches as many episodes as they feel they need to write a proper review, so they can correctly point out any improper material they find and be able to summarize the anime enough to where they can rate it as high or low as they see fit.

Q: Can other people review on this site?

A: We are in the process of "cloning" our site so it may be used specifically for others who would like to add a review. There will be terms of use for this new site to ensure that nothing unwanted is added to the site.

Q: I keep seeing animes tagged "Shonen" and "Shojo" and things like that. What are these?

A: These are used to place the animes reviewed here into categories that would be fit for a certain gender and age group. "Shojo" animes are fit for females of about 9 or 10 to as old as 18 or 19, while "Shonen" animes are intended for boys of the same ages. "Seinen" is intended for males over the ages that fit under shonen, and "Josei" applies the same way for females.

Q: I'm trying to find an anime that my child could watch. Can I use your reviews to check for content?

A: Yes! We'll always make sure to point out any material we feel is questionable for children to be viewing. The shonen and shojo tags can help you find an anime that might be mild enough for a child to watch, while seinen and josei tags are specifically for animes we feel that a child probably shouldn't see. But we always include a review of any content worth pointing out so that you may make this decision based on what you agree or disagree with.

Q: I saw an anime tagged under "shojo" or "shonen" that I feel is too unsuitable for this age group.

A: Some of the animes we review we think may be okay for those who are higher up on the shojo and shonen groups. For example, if we feel that an anime aimed at females is not really intended as shojo but not as josei either, we may add both tags to the review to indicate that the anime is close to cutting into the josei category. Again, this is for you to decide for yourself whether you think a certain anime is suitable for your child.

Q: I've seen a graphic used on your website that is on my website, and I don't want it there.

A: Our graphics are made specifically for our website, we do not take graphics from other sites under any circumstances. Any resemblance between our graphics and that of another site's is purely coincidental, therefore we are not obliged to remove them.

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  • If you are making a review request, please bear in mind that we will not review the following:

-Animes that are primarily yaoi, yuri, ecchi, hentai, or any animes that contain constant graphic violence, as these are obviously not family-appropriate.

-Any animation that does not fit under the anime category; anime is a term used by Japan commonly to mean any sort of animation, but in America it is used to refer to Asian animation only. We are going by the American definition. Therefore, we will not review animation made in countries other than Asian districts. This includes Avatar: The Last Airbender, which, despite popular belief, is an American cartoon and so is not a qualified anime. We will also not review any Final Fantasy movies that are computer generated. 2-D Final Fantasy movies, such as Final Fantasy: Unlimited, qualify for review.

-Live action movies that are not anime/manga based.

-Please remember that we cannot review animes/movies if we can't find them. Animes/movies that are very old, poorly publicized, or unavailable in other countries are unlikely to be available for purchase or posted online. Remember that if you can't find it, we probably can't either. You are welcome to make your request if you are unsure. You will receive a response from us if your anime/movie could not be located.

-Raw animes or movies. We can't review it if we can't understand it! If subs or dubs are unavailable, we'll wait until they're released.

=We have recently introduced the "Review Requests" list. If your request can be met, your request will be posted there. Once we have watched it, it will be posted under the "To Review" list. We cannot notify you if your request is reviewed, so keep checking back!

You'll be redirected to our main page once your email is sent. :)

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