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Review | Anime | Kuroshitsuji

KUROSHITSUJI : Ciel Phantomhive, the 12-year-old orphaned son of a wealthy monarch,
strikes a deal with the Devil to exact punishment on those who plotted the
downfall of his parents: His own soul in exchange for revenge. His plead is
heard and a contract is formed. His new partner, demon butler Sebastian
Michealis, assists Ciel with solving strange cases for the Queen of England, as
well as unraveling the mystery of the fall of the Phantomhive household.
Sebastian proves not only to be a fierce opponent in battle, but a seemingly
flawless assistant, explained only by his self-title as "one 'hell' of a
Kuroshitsuji is another one of those anime that draw you in by physical appearance alone. Even I personally became curious about the Kodona-garbed boy with an eye patch and nice hair. i am certainly glad I looked into it; I found plenty of charm, comedy and drama in such a simply assembled series.

Kuroshitsuji is perfect for anyone who is a fan of comedy and drama anime; there is plenty of both within it. You can definitely expect both kinds of tears by the time you finish. Up first ready to dish out the laughter are the members of Ciel's hapless mansion staff; Finnian the gardener with inhuman super strength, Meilin the clumsy maid with a blatant crush on Sebastian, Bardroy the imaginative cook who uses explosives for cooking, and Tanaka the steward, whose enigmatic personality just plain speaks for itself. They all suspect a hint of mystery surrounding the immaculate and unusually tolerant Sebastian, which only makes him that much more attractive to women, namely Meilin, but also Grelle Sutcliffe, the non-female butler of Ciel's aunt Madam Red, who conceals a secret of his own. Grelle is the first to bring the tears to the table with his hilarious mishaps all over the Phantomhive mansion, which includes trimming the bushes surrounding the mansion, only to be distracted and later discovering he has accidentally trimmed them all in the shapes of skulls. Grelle's nervous personality (on the surface...) makes Meilin's clumsiness inferior in comparison, and he becomes infatuated with Sebastian's ability to do positively anything without leaving so much as a blemish.

I would be surprised if children expressed interest in watching this anime, but I would definitely accompany them if you plan on letting one do so. there is bloody violent throughout the anime (particularly near the end of the series) and violent references. There is also innuendo involved, usually without warning; a death god is intoxicated with Sebastian and daydreams out loud about being physically involved with him. Ciel Phantomhive later persuades the same death god to temporarily act as his bodyguard, offering him Sebastian in return, to "do whatever he wants with him." The death god later dotes upon his intentions to "kiss Sebastian, with the tongue." Ciel and Sebastian sneak into the sect of a corrupt religious cult, and Sebastian stops a nun and requests information. She hesitates at first, Sebastian backs her into a wall and she blushes as he insists. The scene cuts to Ciel and Grelle Sutcliffe standing outside of a small barn with Sebastian and the nun inside; we hear her moaning loudly and telling Sebastian "she will become impure." Grelle stands outside and bites at his clothes in a fit of jealousy. Ciel is clearly uncomfortable. An acquaintance of Ciel's is frequently seen with a woman who sits on him suggestively; he is later seen with several women.

If you're willing to guide yourself around the perks of Grelle and, occasionally, Sebastian, I believe you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of this anime. Be ready to gawk at Sebastian in the manner Ciel's companions do, as his perfection shows not only in his housework, but apparently in his duty of Ciel's outfits as well, as Ciel emerges from his vast property to solve cases for the Queen in outfits so sublime, a common boy would not be caught dead in them.

With plenty of darkness, humor, and darkness and humor put together, Kuroshitsuji is bound to take you for a ride. I highly recommend this anime to any fans of the supernatural, unnaturally pretty boys, and of course, butlers.

Overall Rating:
/ 5


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