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Review | Movie | Honey and Clover Live Action

HONEY AND CLOVER LIVE ACTION : Live action adaption of the
popular anime series. Yuta Takemoto, Shinobu Morita and Takumi Mayama are three college men who live in the same apartment complex within walking distance of the art college they all attend. When their teacher, Shuji Hanamoto,
returns from out of town with his cousin's daughter Hagumi, the tiny college
girl 'Hagu', through her cultivating artwork and exceptional kindness,
begins to change lives of the people around her.

I began watching this shortly after finishing the second season of the anime, I was lucky to find it after it was licensed on CrunchyRoll. It was amusing to see the actors they cast in the roles. Though Hagu isn't short enough to be made fun of like she was in the anime, she was still fun to watch.

This live action remake is definitely one that the Honey and Clover fans should be sure to check out. The film does not cover the second season, however, instead ending at the same place the first season did. As far as Takemoto's self-discovery, I was a little disappointed to discover that during his sleep time at the temple, he did not encounter any eccentric builders itching for a decent meal. One of the highlights of the series for me were the temple restoration workers commending Takemoto's fierce cooking skills and being grateful enough to call him one of their own. Instead, all Takemoto encounters before gloomily riding away is one lone construction worker who barely talks to him and dismisses him as a "pest." He shows up later offering Takemoto a ride in his truck, but that's about all we're able to get out of these cheerful, happy-go-lucky characters that sweetened the load in the anime.

In the end, we do get a couple gut-busting cameo roles from the unusually-named gallery owners Mario and Luigi Fujiwara, who never cease to wear shirts that boast their abdomens and pants that cling to whatever figure they may have had before the pounds packed on. They are as entertaining to watch as their hilarious take on Japanese introductory bowing when they meet visitors of their art show.

I think this movie is absolutely fine for kids to watch as far as content, and if they're able to pick up on the story, I think it's a great watch. The only content that may be concerning is the fact that nude statues are shown several times (as the movie takes place at an art school), and a man flashes his middle finger at a camera, though this is done from a distance and can hardly be made out. I'll definitely be rewatching this movie in the near future. Honey and Clover fans should enjoy this one very much. I'm very impressed.

Overall Rating:
/ 5


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