Monday, June 9, 2008

Preview | Anime | Monochrome Factor

Akira Nikaido is a laid-back high school student, always skipping
class and living an overall normal life. One day walking home from school he
encounters a mysterious man named Shirogane, who insists that their fates and
entwined. Akira ignores these claims and returns home. When a classmate asks
Akira and his friend Kengo to come with her to school that night to retrieve an
item she left, they are attacked by a strange monster. Shirogane appears and
intervenes, telling Akira that he must become a "shin" in order to battle the
creatures that have escaped from the Shadow World.

This is ones of the animes I watched while visiting an anime cosplay convention in May, and along with Vampire Knight, I discovered Monochrome Factor. Though the manga has been out for sometime, they began releasing anime episodes in Japan in April. So far only 6 episodes are available, out of the 13 they expect to air. I'm interested in where this show is going, even though it occasionally hints yaoi which I'm not a big fan of. Fans of the manga are used to the "old" Shirogane, who apparently isn't as touchy-feely as the new Shirogane we become used to in the anime. I have great expectations for this anime, and I'll be glad to review once the series blossoms.


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